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Welcome to Big Red Pop Corn

Big Red Popcorn is gourmet popcorn grown in the heart of rural Nebraska.Kehrli Family We began growing and manufacturing Big Red Popcorn on our family farm in 1996. Our whole family gets involved in the process of picking and packaging our popcorn ears.

The corn is planted in late April. We then hand pick the ears in October, and they are stored in mesh bags on pallets to air dry. After the corn reaches the proper moisture level the ears are hand sorted, placed in the vacuum bag, and are ready for selling.

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Everyone enjoys watching the kernels pop off the cob through the clear popping bag. The kernels pop very large and fluffy. There are very few old maid kernels left in a bag. It makes a unique and inexpensive gift. The popcorn is totally free of preservatives or additives!

Salt or butter can be added to one's personal preference.

We hope you enjoy our Big Red Popcorn!


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